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The Small Business Scholarship Fund

Will you join us? Small Business Sign-Up

Smaller businesses come together to participate in Vashon's decades-long scholarship tradition by pooling donations with others in their industry.

Board member Anna Sander, owner of Honeybee Playschool, is championing this project. Interested? Send us an email at and we can put you in touch.

How much should I donate?

That’s up to you! A leadership donation of $500 is wonderful. If 4 businesses donate $250 each, that makes a nice-sized scholarship, and 8 businesses donating $125 each can do the same thing.

There is no annual commitment - though we think you'll love being able to inspire a new class of students every year.

Businesses who can commit to $1,000-2,000 each year can either participate with their fellow small businesses or create their own custom scholarship.

Small Business Scholarship Fund: About Us
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