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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I submit a scholarship packet?

Every VISD senior interested in continuing education or training beyond high school--whether at a vocational/technical school, art school, community college, or university--should complete a packet.

The awards are based on many different criteria: career plans, activities and interests in and out of school, academic achievement, paid work and community service experience--and also personal qualities like love of animals, instincts for peace and justice, etc. There truly is something for everyone in your graduating class.

You are eligible regardless of financial need, and VCSF will hold awards for up to two years to accommodate a gap year or time for career exploration and reflection.

What happens to my scholarship funds after they are awarded?

Your scholarship funds will be sent to the educational institution specified on your Educational Information Form. If you are taking a a gap year or have questions about your awards please contact VCSF Treasurer, Ellen Call at

I am a past graduate. Is my award still available?

Depending on what year you graduated, your award may still be available to you. Please contact VCSF Treasurer, Ellen Call for details at

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