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High Fives

You can make the future brighter!

Our community of donors includes individuals, families, businesses, organizations, non-profits, honorariums and memorials. Your gifts and the students that you support will have a long lasting and meaningful effect for years to come.

There are three ways to contribute:

1. Create a scholarship

Join the island tradition of creating scholarships that encourage Vashon graduates while honoring those people and purposes we hold dear. Awards range from $500-$20,000. We can assure you that your support will have a major impact on a young life. Download and print form here.

2. Support a scholarship

Make a contribution to a memorial that is meaningful to you. Support the Making a Difference Now Award to honor our hometown heroes. Look for an award sponsored by an organization or industry you belong to.

3. Donate to the general fund

Make a one-time or recurring donation to the general fund, trusting the Vashon Community Scholarship Foundation to allocate money where it's most needed: the community scholarship pool, the ceremony, and keeping the virtual lights on at our all-volunteer organization--all for the love of our Vashon Island grads.

VCSF is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Consult your tax professional for details regarding your taxes.

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Answer a few questions to help us apply your donation as you would like.

(Prefer to send a check? Scroll all the way down for our mailing address.)

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