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Welcoming New Scholarships

Our Vashon Island community is incredibly generous and creative in supporting young adults. We welcome some new scholarship funds into the fold.

Azim St. Moreau Memorial Scholarship

Supporting graduates going into trades or technical school, as "Zimmy" wanted to do.

Brian Adami Memorial Scholarship

"College was a formative time for Brian, in terms of significant relationships, preparation for a meaningful and rewarding
career, and maturation of his faith. It is our hope, as his family, to help create similar opportunities for VHS seniors, and we look forward to hearing their stories as they place their unique imprint on the world."

Vashon Events Music Scholarship

Career in Healthcare

Paul Colwell Music Scholarship​

Phil Volker Memorial Scholarship

VHS Class of 1970/71 Reunion

Sharon Boyer Memorial Scholarship

Donna Donnelly Memorial Scholarship

Norm Mathews Memorial Scholarship

Marshall Murray Performing Arts Award

Mitch Treese Memorial Scholarship

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Alex Craighead & Nicky Wilks of Journeymen Honored for Making a Difference Now

Their contributions to our island community as teachers in our schools, and coaches and mentors to young people through the Journeymen Institute are why Alex and Nicky were selected by the Vashon Community Scholarship Foundation (VCSF) for the Making a Difference Now award.

This award recognizes local community members who are making a difference every day in the lives of islanders. All who have been touched by their work are invited to make donations in their honor. In turn, honorees select a student from this year's senior class to receive the Making a Difference Now merit scholarship, a link of encouragement and inspiration to the next generation of visionary leaders.

Read about their work in the March 9th issue of the Vashon Beachcomber.

We are not waiting until Alex and Nicky retire to honor their work. They are living their values and making a difference right now. Congratulations and bless you!

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