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VHS Alumni & Class Reunions

Alumni are invited to make an annual donation to our General Fund. Your support makes our mission possible: a scholarship for every Vashon grad.​

Class reunions can sponsor one or more students via​

The Generations Scholarship

The Generations Scholarship is for graduating Vashon seniors with at least one immediate family member who has also graduated from VHS--grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, etc.

Your VHS class can sponsor the Generations Scholarship any year you have a reunion.

More than one class can participate in any one year, and we may choose one recipient or multiple, based on total donations for the year and the number of eligible students.

The recipient(s) will be chosen by our volunteer Community Selection Panel and recognized at the annual scholarship ceremony in the Spring.

Interested? Read the basic information on this page, then contact us at to let us know your plans.


Designate someone in your class to coordinate donations at the reunion, or direct people to make their donation here at​

Your designated class contact--or your whole email list, if you provide it--will receive a thank you note from the recipient that can be shared with the group.

It's always really special to make a connection with a fellow Vashon graduate and know that together your class has made a material difference in their future!

Alumni: About Us
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